Hi, I'm Sarah

I love to empower women to take charge of their own healing.

You are the key to unlocking your most luminous self, I am simply your guide. I would be honoured to be alongside you on your journey towards feeling worthy, enough and full of self love.

Uncover the false limiting belief that is holding you back in all areas of your life

Dive into childhood patterns that are still replaying to break the cycle

Enable you to accept and let go of the past so you can embrace your magnetic future

Connect you back to yourself and who you truly are, without needing to dull yourself down

Unblock your intuition to feel empowered to make decisions with confidence and ease

Create a deep sense of peace and calm within your body and mind

Together we will:

Through the years, I have tried various types of talking therapies including CBT and counselling, and nothing resonated. I found that they just dealt with the current complaint, the symptoms, but not the underlying issue.


I spent my 20's feeling lost, confused and stuck. Even though I had a great job, I was burnt out, unsatisfied and lonely. I went through a divorce, followed by a terrible relationship and break-up, and finally hit my rock bottom at 30. I was experiencing anxiety, depression, I was constantly overthinking and overwhelmed with my thoughts.

I had finally reached a point where I had to look deep inside of me. I could no longer keep up the perfect facade, it was time to heal.


I joined a program which helped me to break the negative pattern I was stuck in and started me on the path towards searching for more holistic healing modalities. I’ve tried various techniques, but the deep subconscious work is where I found my calling. 


Now I am a Mindset Coach and Healing Mentor, here to empower you with the type of therapy I wish I had access to years ago. Holding space in a calm, supportive and gentle way so that you can allow yourself to heal.

I love the deep, challenging work that gets real results that will enable you to be free of the patterns and beliefs that are currently getting in the way of your confident, vibrant, luminous self.


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Meditation teacher and Rebirthing breathwork practitioner and intuitively integrate various healing modalities into sessions.


My holistic approach to healing will free you of subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and enable you to feel your most confident and empowered self. I love to work with women from all over the UK as well as abroad. 

My story: