1:1 Bespoke Mentoring

Magical moments, Wealth expansion, Big impact 


Hey Queen

I will not give you a one size fits all.

Queen, you already know how to lead yourself, that's how you created success

It's time to create a new paradigm; so that you can continue to create big impact with your business (because I know you have big goals) and anchor into new, upgraded beliefs that will help you find equilibrium in the expansion. 

For you, the shifts will be felt in the nuance, in the subtleties.

The women I work with are the industry leaders, the bold coaches who are making a big impact with their work. Women who are creating multiple five figure months and beyond and are ready to prioritize themselves, knowing that’s the key to the next level of their business.

I merge the power of the subconscious mind and nervous system, delve into inherited trauma, Inner child and Sisterhood wounds; this isn’t fluffy, this is cut through the BS, feel the difference, paradigm shifting work.

This is where the next level of your income and impact will be found

1:1 private Mentoring

I  See You Queen

You're experiencing the pressure to continually grow, the heaviness of expectation (from yourself) to lead bigger programs and achieve bigger numbers

You've begun questioning yourself, and the way you do things, comparing yourself to other coaches

Even though you lead a successful business, you still wonder if you're doing enough

You’ve had your highest yet income month, but now fear and doubt you'll be able to do it again

You're searching for the 'breakthrough' or the 'answer' inside a multitude of modalities and healers

Clearing energetic blocks so that you can step into the next level of your business

Dissolving outdated BS stories and replacing them with upgraded, bold beliefs

Cultivating a grounded and anchored energy within you, helping you feel more balance and at ease

Holding yourself with deep reverence for your journey

Effortlessly receiving intuitive downloads



The investment

This is a 3 or 6 month partnership

Includes hypnotherapy and breathwork practices

Support via Voxer

" I had done some hypnotherapy work in the past, however having Sarah's training in generational trauma mixed with her immense talent for taking you deep in a really nourishing way through hypnosis was life changing. At this point I honestly can hardly remember what the issues were when I came to her because they have truly just left my awareness. The investment with Sarah is worth it's weight in gold....I am a busy entrepreneur and the whole experience was perfect for me! "