I’m here to empower you with the type of therapy I wish I had access to years ago. Holding space in a calm, supportive and gentle way so that

you can process and heal.

I am truly grateful to connect with my clients and guide them through their journey and watch their transformation unfold.


Together we dive deep into your past, your present and your future. By releasing and healing what has come before, we are able to free you of pain, negativity and the old patterns and stories that are holding you back.


I love to supporting my clients to step confidently into their future and create new beliefs of being ‘enough’ and worthy of love and their deepest desires.

I will be the guidance, support and push of tough love you need throughout your healing journey.


I love to work with the deepest parts of your subconscious mind to understand how your past experiences are affecting your current reality. Healing the deeper parts of yourself can be challenging and requires you to be fully committed to yourself and the journey.


For the woman who is ready to trust in herself, you will discover that under the old patterns and beliefs, there is a calm, confident woman who knows she is worthy of love and abundance in all areas of her life.

Releasing and Healing

Guidance and Support

How I help Women

Heal the patterns and stories inherited from your parents/caregivers in your childhood


Overcome limiting beliefs that have been created and understand they are not the truth


Release old patterns to be free of negative cycles and create new positive practices


Let go of trauma that is locked in your body to welcome healing


Be free of judgement and embrace self-love


Rediscover your confidence and deep trust within yourself


Uncover blocks so that you can manifest the life you truly want

I work with women who have tried everything else and still feel lost and unsatisfied with their life.

On the outside they may look like they have it all, but inside they are battling with themselves, burnt out, overwhelmed and frustrated.


The woman who keeps repeating the same negative pattern with partners and wants deeper connection in her life.


The woman who is ready to leave her comfort zone and step up to embrace her present and manifest her future.

My Clients

How I work

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Breathwork practitioner, Meditation teacher and also work with inherited generational trauma.


Different from ‘traditional’ therapists, I integrate various holistic healing methods into my sessions as I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


By working with your subconscious, I connect you back to yourself so that you rediscover that deep trust and love you have within you.

10 weeks of bespoke 1:1 guidance

75 minute sessions including inherited trauma discovery, inner child healing, breathwork release and hypnotherapy.

Each client receives a guided relaxation audio before our journey begins together.

Each session is recorded so that you may re-listen and deepen your healing

Exclusive bonus material

Support between sessions

What's included

Apply for 1:1 Mentoring

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If I feel that we are a good fit to work together, I will be in touch to book in a free call so we can connect.

I look forward to meeting you.


All that we are is a result of what we have thought


From women just like you


Prior to the session I had been experiencing blocks when it came to my work and creativity.... The session itself was incredible...Afterwards I felt refreshed and re energised, but in a calm way...After the session I noticed my blocks were cleared- I felt ready to move forward with my work with confidence, and tapped back into my flow state with much more ease. . I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to work through a block in their life, or in need of some TLC.


I would absolutely recommend Sarah, she has been incredible to work with .... As the weeks passed, I felt like a weight had been lifted, I've learned to relax, to listen to myself and how important having time out is.... I am free and embrace each day as it comes.Thank you for opening up my mind to amazing techniques, and for helping me through these unusual and indeed, uncertain times. You do an amazing job and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have worked with you. Thank you


Sarah is such a kind, trustworthy and inspiring soul. She guided me through some powerful Rebirthing (Breathwork) sessions and I can't thank her enough.  With her calm and reassuring presence I trusted her immediately.  Because Sarah has been through many challenges her life, which she communicate openly, I also felt connected to her straight away. If you're looking for non-judgemental, empowering guidance, she's the one.

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