When you believe in yourself, everything changes

I will meet you where you are at, holding space for you to release any BS beliefs as you navigate your next level. Guiding you towards your goals and desires, calling forth the woman you were always meant to be. This is the place for women who are ready to activate their next level and lead themselves to expansion and growth.



For powerful healing and
true transformation 

Coaching IS For You If...
  • You're ready to let go of the BS limiting beliefs

  • You want to confidently take the next step in your life

  • You're ready to rise into your power, knowing how worthy you are of those desires

  • You’re looking for long-term transformation and deep healing in a supportive way. 

  • You acknowledge the results expand way beyond this container

  • You’re fully committed to the self-development journey.

Coaching IS NOT For You If...
  • You expect a quick fix and can’t commit to time to yourself each week 

  • You’re not ready to take responsibility for your future

  • You aren't ready to expand into your next level self

  • You have no interest in the transformational practices I use

           (Hypnotherapy and Breathwork)

When you commit to coaching, you are leading yourself, I am simply your guide..

…helping you to unravel your past blocks and reconnect with your true self. The powerful, capable, confident woman I know you are.


By releasing long held limiting beliefs about yourself (which aren’t the truth BTW) and letting go of self doubts, you create a space for your power to rise, for your confidence to rise.


I’ll meet you were you’re at, holding the vision for your possibilities, and guide you on the journey to your next level.

Connecting you to the vision of who you desire to be and helping you embody that energy with effortless confidence.


With crystal clear clarity, you will learn to trust the next step, and trust yourself.


Our work together is a collaboration, I am your guide as you tune into your inner knowing- the place where all the answers are held.

I'm so excited to witness your journey!

What's Included In 1:1 Coaching...

  • 3 months of 1:1 guidance unique to your personal needs. 

  • A weekly 90-minute session that includes hypnotherapy or breathwork.

  • A recording of each 1:1 embodiment session to re-listen between our calls to deepen your transformation and growth. 

  • Exclusive bonus material

  • ​Support in-between sessions over email and voxer (messaging app)

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Discover How I've Supported Women, Just Like You...

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"....I had no knowledge or experience of hypnotherapy, so I went in with an open heart and no expectations. Right from the beginning, Sarah came across as professional yet warm and understanding. I felt completely relaxed around her and trusted her guidance....... I never thought it would be such a life transforming experience. The changes are obvious........ I would recommend Sarah to anyone who would like to explore the possibility of experiencing deep emotional healing through tapping into their subconscious."


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"Truly Transformational!!

The first time I participated in a hypnotherapy session with Sarah I was hooked!

Hypnotherapy and Breathwork with Sarah has been a truly amazing.......I never realised it would be so life transforming.

Her caring, supportive, yet firm approach held me. I felt safe and able to share my vulnerabilities.

Sarah has a natural gift and empathy in that she understands exactly what our soul needs and allows us to search into ourselves for answers.

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is wishing to explore deep emotional healing on a subconscious level."


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"I have worked with many healers and coaches in the industry and can confidently affirm that Sarah has a true gift. She holds an anchored space for you to safely explore your inner wounds, patterns and desires in a way that talk therapy simply could never access. Sarah is a very special teacher, facilitator and space holder who embodies integrity, devotion and care for her clients, which is why I’ve also featured her in many of my own courses and programs — I trust her fully. If you’re looking for deeper answers to your struggles and potent somatic healing, Sarah is the one for you."

Amy Rushworth, Transformation and Healing Mentor

Group programmes

If you love the energy inside of group programmes, or you're not quite ready for 1:1 guidance, check out my online courses!

I have self led, self paced mini courses as well as Unbound, my live group programme. Click below to read more.

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