Consistency Queen

You know what I find really sexy? Safety.

You know what else really likes safety? The deepest parts of You.

Your subconscious, your nervous system, they Thrive when you feel secure, supported and seen.


Hey Queen

This is about so much more than creating consistent income, it’s about consistent energy, consistent belief in yourself and consistent expansion.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to let go of the hustle, the push, the sacrifice and the burn out. If you’re beginning to feel frustrated with your glass ceiling, it’s time to find freedom from the old beliefs, the old paradigm.

Whether you feel like you have to be a fully healed unicorn and do it all alone or you have an army of healers and mentors, it’s time for you to trust in YOU. To attune to your energy. To anchor into your gifts, find compassion for all the parts of you, and lead yourself, like the f*cking Queen that you are. 

I merge the power of the subconscious mind and nervous system, delve into inherited trauma, and walk with you as we tap into deep mindset and energetics. This isn’t fluffy, this is cut through the BS, feel the difference, paradigm shifting work.

The women I work with are the industry leaders, the bold coaches who are making a big impact with their work. Women who are creating multiple five figure months and beyond and are ready to prioritise themselves, knowing that’s the key to the next level of their business.

1:1 private coaching

I  See You Y0-Yo coach

You're trying different strategies but now no matter what you do, your income doesn’t increase

You’ve had your highest yet income month, but now fear and doubt you'll be able to do it again

You've begun questioning yourself, doubting your abilities and comparing yourself to other coaches who are continually expanding and growing

You're searching for the 'breakthrough' or the 'answer' inside a multitude of programs and healers

You're feeling disconnected from your business, waking up feeling anxious and your energy low.

Clearing any energetic blocks so that you can call in increased clients and income

Dissolving outdated BS beliefs, whether they’re inherited from family or society, and reprogramming your mind with empowering, bold beliefs

Cultivating a grounded and anchored energy within you, helping you feel more balance and at ease

Holding yourself with deep reverence for your journey

Effortlessly receiving intuitive downloads

Become a Consistency Queen


The investment

This is a 6 month partnership

We connect bi-weekly on zoom for deep energetics 

Includes hypnotherapy and breathwork practices

Access to me via Voxer

Thank you SO much for the past 8 months! You guided me into the most powerful sessions and truly made me love Breathwork! Also I must say you created the most beautiful container where I felt so safe to fully let go. Sad to end but excited to see what's next! Thank you Sarah