I absolutely adore leading group programmes.

When women come together, we hold space for

 powerful transformation and magic.

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Online courses

Release self doubts and embody true confidence from within

This course is held live.

My powerful group program is currently closed.

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Connect to calm

Because you deserve to let go of any feelings of overwhelm or anxiety and connect to a deep sense of calm.

This self led course will guide you through powerful practices so that your mind, body and soul feels able to relax, feels grounded and completely at ease.

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Sleep hypnotherapy
Drift into peaceful sleep and empower your mind!

This is for you if you either:

Find it difficult to switch off at night and unable to sleep deeply OR

If you like the idea of empowering your thoughts and connecting to your desires as you sleep.

This powerful bundle of sleep audios will guide you into a deep, peaceful sleep whilst empowering your thoughts! 5 specially created hypnotherapy audios to drift into relaxed, restful sleep.

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Cultivate confidence
Feel confident, capable and worthy!

This self led mini course will help you to release what's no longer serving, those BS thoughts and beliefs, and guide you to connecting to your higher self!

Cultivate confidence with transformative hypnotherapy audios. 

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Hear from other women Just Like You...

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“I got in touch with Sarah and I purchased her sleep hypnotherapy bundle, the instant you hear Sarah’s calming, gentle and soothing voice it feels like a warm hug. Every night since using the deep sleep meditations both my daughter and I have drifted into the deepest sleep and woke up feeling so much more refreshed. I have never got to the end of the recording! ..... With Sarah’s guidance you are in the safest of hands!! Highly highly recommend!!”


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“I would absolutely recommend Sarah, she has been incredible to work with... As the weeks passed, I felt like a weight had been lifted, I've learned to relax, to listen to myself and how important having time out is.... You do an amazing job and I feel very fortunate and grateful to have worked with you. Thank you ”


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“I know you said you were not a magician, but our hypnotherapy sessions were magical and transformed my life on so many levels.”


Free resources

If you'd like to experience my work for free, I have lots of resources available, simply click below

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