Launch Magnet
I am going to be your best kept secret.


The coach BTS of wildly magnetic launches.
The secret to calling in full body F*ck yes clients.

Beauty, it’s time to step off the launch roller coaster.

We’ve all been there, the amazing highs and excitement at the beginning, receiving notifications and sharing your beautiful offer for the first time. Then comes the mid-launch lows when you’ve repeated yourself 10 times, old beliefs rear their ugly head, your body feels stressed and you begin to sacrifice YOU and just push through to the end.

Ughhhhh, F*ck that.

I am all about supporting you to find freedom from outdated BS beliefs, cleanse energetic blocks, break through glass ceilings and create wildly magnetic launches.

I merge the power of the subconscious mind and nervous system, delve into inherited trauma, and walk with you as we tap into deep mindset and energetics. This isn’t fluffy, this is cut through the BS, feel the difference, paradigm shifting work.

The women I work with are the industry leaders, the bold coaches who are making a big impact with their work. Women who are creating multiple five figure months and beyond and are ready to become wildly magnetic. I will be your best kept secret.

1:1 private coaching


You’ve had epic launches, but now doubt you can repeat it

You have the perfectly polished strategy and 3 month pre launch plan- but still hate launching

You see coaches at the next level of success and question whether you should use their strategy

You're heading towards burn out by the end of launches, drained before you even start the program

You enjoy sharing your offers but feel like you’re on constant repeat so your audience hears you

You feel ready to hold more clients in your programs but keeping hitting the same numbers

You can’t help but sometimes secretly compare how much other coaches are making and question yourself

I  See You Roller Coaster Coach

Calling in full body F yes clients ready to take action and work with you

Full confidence in yourself and your ability to create your wildest income desires

Feel anchored and attuned to your own energy – no longer outsourcing your power

Create spaciousness and effortless ease within your business, because you know you’re supported

Trusting that you can lean on your strategy whilst prioritising your energy

Expanding your capacity to not only receive but also hold more clients, income and wealth.

Become a Launch Magnet

The investment

This is a 3 month partnership

We connect weekly on zoom for deep energetics

Includes hypnotherapy and breathwork practices

Access to me via Voxer

Ideally we begin our journey 2 months prior to your launch

"I have worked with many healers and coaches in the industry and can confidently affirm that Sarah has a true gift. She holds an anchored space for you to safely explore your inner wounds, patterns and desires in a way that talk therapy simply could never access. Sarah is a very special teacher, facilitator and space holder who embodies integrity, devotion and care for her clients, which is why I’ve also featured her in many of my own courses and programs — I trust her fully. If you’re looking for deeper answers to your struggles and potent somatic healing, Sarah is the one for you."

Amy Rushworth, Transformation and Healing Mentor