For self sourced power and deeper connection to your intuition.... Origin Breathwork Membership.

Each week I will guide you through one live breathwork session, giving you space to release what no longer serves you and embody your deepest desires. 


This somatic therapy is a powerful practice. This is for the woman looking to connect with herself in a deeper way, to reignite her creativity, her confidence, her inner knowing and trusting herself in her journey. 

Breathwork is the practice that has shifted the most in my own journey and continues to help guide me in my business. Tuning into my inner guide, receiving creative downloads and connecting to my purpose.

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Tap into inner guidance & Transform Your Life!

Origin IS For You If...
  • You crave a deeper connection to yourself, your life’s purpose, and your spiritual journey.


  • You’re aware you may be self-sabotaging or allowing limiting beliefs to keep you from being where you want to be 


  • You want to tap into your inner guidance and trust the messages you receive 


  • You desire greater self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth. 


  • You’re interested in breathwork and have heard how powerful this practice can be

Origin IS NOT For You If...
  • You can’t commit to showing up for yourself each week and creating space for your growth


  • You’re aren't ready to feel activated and step into your power


  • You need hand holding and aren't ready to take responsibility for your future

Breathwork changed everything for me

When you tap into the power of your breath, you can release beliefs and stories that are no longer serving you, bringing greater clarity and calm. 


You can experience huge shifts in your energy, your healing and your growth. This membership is for the woman ready to claim her deepest desires. It’s truly transformational stuff!

What's Inside Origin?

Total Value: £1000+ Per Month

BUT you'll pay only £40 per month

  • One weekly live breathwork session with Sarah. (£400)

  • Bonus breathwork videos and practices (£150)

  • Monthly new moon and full moon special resources. (£40)

  • On-demand recorded videos of all live sessions for as long as you’re a member. (Priceless!)

  • Access to a private members-only community of like-minded souls. (Priceless!)

  • Access to a growing library of members-only meditations, from deep relaxation to manifestation and self-love. (£200)

  • Special hand picked guest experts to support your journey and nourish your mind, body and soul (£300)

Discover How Origin guides women Just Like You...

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“I have been a part of Sarah’s breathwork membership since December and I cannot recommend this program enough! I knew nothing about Breathwork before joining and Sarah created a warm, safe and inviting environment which made the learning experience smooth and genuinely wonderful. Attending these sessions with Sarah every Saturday morning is the perfect way to start my weekend, she gives me the clarity and energy to step into my day with confidence, I’d be lost with out them now!”


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“I have fallen in love with breathwork! The sessions themselves are so powerful and although the breathing at first can be challenging, with Sarah’s guidance and gentle voice, you reach such a beautiful meditative state by the end...... When I first signed up for Origin, I thought I might give it a go for a month or two, but here I am 4 months later and now I can’t imagine not having Sarah’s weekly breathwork in my life!”


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"I'm a member of Sarah's Origin membership, and I couldn't recommend this beautiful space she has created more. I am new to breathwork, and it is a practice I decided to develop deeper this year. Sarah has been incredible at facilitating this journey for myself and others inside Origin. She holds a safe space to experience breathwork in a way that feels right to each of us to release emotions and heal at the same time. I've been recommending Origin to everyone as a brilliant self-care tool that goes beyond a relaxing bath!"


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"New to breathwork but curious to experience it.... I thought because we breathe all the time, it would just be like a long hour of stillness, but it was so much more than that....... When I relaxed into it and let go, it felt powerful, tingly, almost euphoric at times and for the first time in ages, I felt so deeply connected and at peace with myself...."


Origin Breathwork Membership

Connect to your inner guidance and step into your power with unlimited access to my transformative breathwork sessions - live and on demand!


How long is the membership?

It’s a rolling monthly​ membership, which you can cancel anytime.

When are the classes?

Live classes are every Saturday 9 am (GMT)​. If you can’t join live, all classes are recorded and available on-demand for as long as you’re a member.

I've never done breathwork- can I join?

Absolutely! Many members join who are experiencing breathwork for the first time. As your guide, I’ll support you every breath of the way, and it’s easy to follow along. If you ever have a question, jump in the Facebook group, and I’ll answer them.

What is included in the membership?

Weekly live breathwork sessions, available on-demand for as long as you’re a member, along with a host of other goodies to support your journey, build your knowledge and empower your daily practice (see offer list).