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Breathwork membership

I have been reflecting recently on my journey and transformation this year, and the biggest shifts were down to my experiences with Breathwork. The truly powerful shifts happen when you connect with your subconscious and allow the healing to happen at a deeper level. This is why I've decided to create a membership that is focused solely on Breathwork.

Breathwork is a powerful healing tool that I'd love everyone to have access to. Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual or healing journey, or you have experienced all different types of therapy; we can all benefit from the healing power of the breath.

I have created this membership for the woman (and man!) that feels as though they don't have the time for self care. That feels stressed and disconnected from themselves and their life.

This membership will allow you to connect to your body like no other act of self love can.

You will be able to quieten your mind, reducing any feelings of anxiety or stress.

Dipping your toe (or whole body!) into your spiritual side without feeling like you don't fit the stereotype, you can feel safe and nurtured in this container.

So, what's included?

I am offering an amazing 14 day FREE trial and I am also giving a special discount code for 25% off your first month. So if you're new to Breathwork, it is the perfect time to come and try it out! (read more about Breathwork on this blog post)

On top of that you will also get access to our private membership facebook community so we can stay connected, you can ask questions and even a few surprise bonuses!

But that's not all......

I have an exclusive bonus for the first 20 souls that join before the end of the year:

A 1:1 Breathwork session with me that's worth £160 !!

Doors open December 14th and the first class is December 15th.

The live classes will be at Tuesday at 6pm UK and Saturday at 9am UK.

You will also have access to the replays on demand for 14 days, so if the time doesn't work for you, you can create a routine that fits your life!

Why only 2 live classes? Because Breathwork is so damn powerful, you don't need anymore than that! This gives you the healing and transformation without a massive time commitment.

This is the perfect membership that will create MORE space in your life, it will help to REDUCE your stress, REDUCE your anxiety and it will BOOST and ELEVATE your mood.

(And honestly- it also gives you great youthful skin!)

The investment for all of this value? Only £30 a month.

P.S- Doors open December 14th and a few spaces have already gone- so if you're a full body YES, then send me a message here or on Instagram so that you can get your hands on one of those 20 spots for that amazing bonus, a 1:1 Breathwork session with me worth £160!

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