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How is anxiety affecting you?

Updated: May 15, 2020

There are time when we all feel anxiety, but before it becomes overwhelming make sure you are implementing a ‘go-to’ routine to look after your health. I know from past experiences how quickly a little anxiety can suddenly feel overwhelming and you almost feel consumed by overthinking. The fear of a decision leading to procrastination and therefore more anxiety.

Anxiety is rising in our society and I think lifestyle has a part to play and also expectations. If you are a high achiever or currently in comparison to those achieving it can be easy to fall into an anxious cycle. Maybe you aren’t where you expected to be in your life and are stuck with how to get there.

Physical and Mental health

Anxiety comes in many forms and shows up both physically and mentally in the body. You may be suffering with shallow breathing, headaches, fatigue or difficulty concentrating. It affects every system in the body, the Central Nervous system, the Cardiovascular system, Digestive system, Immune system and the Respiratory system. Which is why it is so important to be aware of how you are feeling, and how you are responding to your current circumstances.

Below are some tips I’ve shared to help if you are currently feeling anxious.

1. Spending time on your breath is massively important, when we are anxious we only breathe into the top of our diaphragm. This in turn makes us feel more anxious as we are not fully inhaling. Spend time taking slow deep breaths, into your belly and expand your chest and notice your stress levels lessen.

2. To shift out of the anxious feelings, it is important you feel them not just think about them! Moving your body, whether it’s dance, exercise, cleaning your work area, it’s important to move them through your body so that you can let them go.

3. Have set times during the day for you to ‘check in’ with yourself. Do you need a break? Did you remember to celebrate that small win? Perhaps you just achieved it and carried on.

4. If your feelings of overwhelm leave you in fear and procrastination, then allow yourself to sit with the anxious feelings. Accepting these feelings is a massive step to managing them. Using a journal to write down what is showing up is a great way to get clear on your thoughts.

5. Meditate. Even if only for a couple of minutes, allow yourself time to pause, reconnect to your breath, slow your breath and re-focus your mind. There are free resources available on my website.

6. Brain dump. When you have too much going on in your head to be productive, simply getting everything out can help. Whether you choose to write it all down or maybe record yourself on your phone- I love doing this when I’m out for a walk. At the end of your day, write your to-do list for the following day. This allows you to switch off for the evening and be ready to start your day the following morning.

7. Affirmations are a great tool to use to re-frame how you see your anxiety. Your subconscious mind doesn't understand 'logic' and so if you flood the subconscious with positive thoughts and affirmations it will soon begin to bring them into reality. I share some wonderful affirmations for anxiety on my Instagram post.

8. Nourish your mind and your body. Ensure you are consuming nourishing foods for your health but also look at what you are consuming with your mind and spirit. Taking a step back from digital products, maybe have a social media 'cull' of accounts that are no longer serving you, even if that may be friends or family. It's okay to make your health a priority.

Extra support

I do hope these tips can help you begin to feel less overwhelmed and better equipped to manage your day. If you’d like to gain more insight into where these feelings originate and how I can support you into overcoming them, please book in a consultation call.

You are not your anxiety, don't let it consume you.

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