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My story

Today I am sharing more of my story.

In my 20’s I worked for my family business as a manager of a dental lab. It was a well paid job with the responsibilities that came along with that type of position. I had been married since I was 20 and probably looked like I was pretty sorted for life.

I felt kind of lost.

I was experiencing anxious feelings, I was overwhelmed and filled with a desire for more.

I felt unfulfilled in my job, but was so paralysed by fear of judgement from others, who was I to want more when I had a position so many would be grateful for. I remember telling my then husband how unhappy I was, that I wanted change, but having no clue what to do, so I stayed put.

Through the years I went to different talking therapies, counselling, CBT but to be honest I often felt more confused. I’d finally start to relax and open up and then the time was up. It was like I’d open the wound each week but it wasn’t healing it, it was like we were just prodding at it. It wasn’t working for me.

Fast forward a few years, 1 divorce and an awful break up later and I decided to take a career break to go travelling for a few months. This step back from work helped me to see that actually, I was really not in a great mindset. For so many years I was doing things as a way to deal with the anxiety, not even realizing that was what I was doing.

I was the kind of person keeping up a perfect facade, when inside I wasn’t coping well. I over analysed decisions, second guessed myself.

As I returned from the trip, I realized I didn’t want to jump back into that same routine, it just wasn’t serving me. So I made some drastic changes that included leaving my families business and moving from the south of England to North Yorkshire.

This was the start of my journey to understanding more holistic approaches. I got out of my comfort zone and joining a group program which helped to pull me out of the negative mindset I was in. It helped me to take responsibility for my own healing and move forward in a positive way. I threw myself into finding alternative therapies to support myself, which is when I started on my path to Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

The hypnotherapy helped to show me where the limiting beliefs originated and why I felt certain things about myself, it helped me to gain clarity on how to move forward into the life I wanted. Helped me to see where I had established a routine way of thinking and dealing with certain situations, even that I was unaware of. The meditation helped to quieten my mind, it no longer felt full of thoughts, it helped me find more peace in my every day life.

I’ve recently taken a breathwork certification as well, and it has been a deep process, another layer of healing. I do believe that healing is a continual process, and coaches and mentors can show clients in a beautiful way that they aren’t perfect finished humans, we are all learning and growing and evolving.

It’s been a long journey of finding what works best for me and I want to share what I’ve learnt with others so that they can feel empowered. There’s so much power in knowing someone has been on maybe a similar journey and could know how you feel.

And now….

I’m now committed to supporting women who are overwhelmed and feeling stuck in negative cycles, the negative self talk of not enough, not deserving, not worthy. I’m so passionate about guiding women to live their life free of limiting beliefs and embrace the life they truly want.

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