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Self care at Christmas

After the weekends announcements of new lockdown measures, I wanted to offer some support and guidance on how you can move through this challenging time. Please take time to check in on yourself and your loved ones this time of the year, this year especially.

Below I have listed some helpful ways you can increase your self care.


For many people who live alone or without family or a partner, touch has been a key missing thing this year. When you are in the shower or bath take time washing you body or using moisturiser when you’re dry to touch the whole of your body. You can also cross your arms over your body and gently rub your hands up and down your arms, giving yourself the touch your body is craving.


We are beings that crave community and connection. Whether you can meet in person or connect over technology, ensure you are spending time with other people. Isolating yourself can make things so much harder, allow yourself to be supported by others. Find like-minded people you can talk with, whether on a social media site or in your local community.


Whether it is about a certain topic of conversation or a situation, give yourself permission to set strong and loving boundaries. This does not mean you need to be an ass in doing so! Boundaries need to be upheld by you as well, so that others know that this is an important value. You can simply say ‘I feel uncomfortable talking about that’ or ‘That’s a personal question I don’t feel comfortable answering’. Please remember that ‘No’, is a full and complete sentence.


If you can, use this time to rest. Winter is all about going inwards, resting and nurturing yourself. Take time for long baths, to read books, to go on walks, to nap on the sofa, to slow down and be really gentle with yourself.

Move your body.

Whether it is a slow walk, some yoga, a dance in your kitchen or simply stretching your body, move the stagnant energy through your body. If you are working at a desk all day, or even sat on the sofa in-front of Netflix, take time to move that stagnant energy through your body, you will feel so much better for it.


Sounds simple, however the majority of us are breathing only into the top of our chest, rather than the whole of our breathing mechanism, which in turn leads to us feeling anxious. Take time throughout the day to take in 3 nice deep breaths into your belly, open your chest and drop your shoulders. This will help you to calm and relax your nervous system.

Support and links.

I am holding live meditations each evening at 5pm before Christmas on Instagram if you would like to join us for a chance to pause and rest.

You can also join the free facebook group for meditations every Sunday at 8pm.

You can also download my guided relaxation audio here for free.

For the gift of self care to yourself this Christmas, join the Origin Breathwork membership. There is still time to join at 25% off code ‘sarah25’ and a FREE 14 day trial!

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