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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

When reflecting on this year, for myself and for others, the thing that seems to have been missing for a lot of us, is connection. Connection to ourselves and our real needs and desires, but also connection to others, real deep meaningful connection.

Our busy lives have kept us from realising or truly facing how disconnected we felt from our body, from our friends or family, and from our own life. We have been so busy rushing around, achieving, pushing and hustling that connection has been overlooked. We wear to-do lists like a badge of honour, competing for who is busier.

So many of us struggle to tune into our intuition, to be able to trust our gut instinct when it tries to guide us. The voice in our head being drowned out by other people’s opinions or expectations.

When you are disconnected from your body you may push through the pain, not allowing her to rest. You perhaps hustle and grind and don't take no for an answer. You trust other people before trusting yourself. You feel stuck and no longer know when path to take.

When you are connected to yourself, you can tune into your hearts desires. You can hear and trust your intuition, your gut instinct, that inner knowing. You will take care of your needs, creating space in your life for rest, for play and for joy.

I remember a particular breathwork session I did, that is called a mirror session. In this advanced session, you are sat in front of a mirror for an hour whilst breathing. There were stages of resistance, I’d never looked at myself for that long before! There were stages of sadness, of frustration, I even felt anger. These stages that are so normal to journey your way through, brought up a curiosity in myself, of wondering. By the close of my session, I had never felt so connected, accepted and loved by myself before. If you haven’t experienced it, then it’s hard to put it into words. Especially when our society will look down upon people who ‘love themselves’, like it is a true crime to accept and love who you are!

That experience is one that will always stay with me. Breathwork has given me so much, and continues to teach me and heal me in ways that are unexpected.

This deeper acceptance of myself has allowed me to show up authentically as I build a business and a community and online. You feel able to make connections on a much deeper level with others, when you are more connected to yourself. Even though these connections are all over the world, I feel a real sense of belonging.

This is my hope for the breathwork membership. Bringing people together in deep connection with themselves and with each other. A soulful circle where we feel supported, seen and able to be our authentic self without the need to live to society standards. A circle where we can set intentions for our sessions together in an open and honest way, knowing that we are all on this journey together.

If you would like to read more about the membership, click here.

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