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WFH- the new norm

For many, working from home is new territory. Suddenly finding ourselves thrown into navigating this new set up and quickly realising what doesn’t work! It has probably been a few weeks of our new ‘normal’ and while you may have found your flow, you could find yourself wishing you could go back to your office!

For me, it’s business as usual, both myself and my partner usually work from work so whilst being locked up together is new, it’s not too alien. As I watch couples and families struggle to co-exist in this new and hopefully short period of time, I’d like to share my tips on how you can best thrive at this time. Maybe you can even start to enjoy your new home office!

1. Create a new morning routine. What worked for you in the past may not cut it right now. It may be a little trial and error but find out what works best. Does this mean exercising in the morning so that you can shift into the right mindset for work once you’re showered. Maybe it’s the right time to start something that you’ve always wanted to try like meditating, even if it’s just 3 minutes it will help your mindset.

2. If you can, have a dedicated work space. Now I realise that it may be difficult depending on your space, but if that means clearing away any work-related items each night so you still have a coffee table then do it. It will only take a few minutes and you’ll be able to switch off easier at the end of the day.

3. Depending on your schedule, make sure you are still having breaks. This should be whatever you need in that moment. If that means getting up, stretching, maybe playing your favourite song and dancing around then great! If you need to text a friend just to vent about work then do that, these are unprecedented times, do what you need for you.

4. Create boundaries, with others that you live with and yourself. Even though you are at home, you are still working. I that know even if I see my partner walking around, if he is on his phone then he is working so I don’t disturb him. That also means not stopping for lunch and watching Netflix for 2 hours (I’m telling this to myself).

5. Only allow social media on your breaks, endlessly scrolling Instagram during conference calls isn’t bringing out the productive side of yourself. Also, we are all at home, you aren’t missing anything that exciting.

6. Take advantage of this time! If you usually commute but get to have a lie-in at the moment, enjoy it. If you usually travel with work, spend quality time with those you live with or connect on video calls. Wear a shirt with your Pyjama bottoms, I’m sure everyone else is doing it!

7. Remember to be kind to yourself. You may not always be 100% ‘On it’, but that’s okay right now. We are all in new and unexpected times and you need to allow yourself that compassion.

One thing I have loved in this time, is seeing into people’s ‘real life’ a little more. Seeing others work set up at home has been so lovely as we all adapt and make the necessary changes. Tell me what new working from home hacks you’ve learnt!

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