Why I don’t agree with New year / New you.

Updated: Jan 5

There is a lot of narrative this time of the year about being a new you.

This judgment and expectation is placed on us from a society that profits from our self doubts and our insecurities.

This is why the theme inside of the Origin Breathwork membership this month is all about self acceptance and self love. Meeting yourself just where you are, and finding acceptance for how you look, your thoughts and who you are. All the parts of you.

Accepting yourself exactly as you are doesn’t mean you stop trying and striving for better. You can accept yourself and still desire a stronger body, more confidence or a career promotion. However it will be a lot harder to hate yourself or punish yourself to achieve those goals.

I know that my confidence didn’t grow because I allowed myself to say self deprecating words all day. No, it grew because I encouraged myself, I was kind to myself, I loved my way to confidence. I met myself where I was, accepted that I needed a little boost and worked towards achieving that.

I wonder where in your life are you allowing those negative thoughts to take centre stage? Where are you punishing yourself for not being good enough or smart enough or lovable enough?

Judgments may start from society or family or friends, but the ones that are the loudest come from ourselves. Maybe there is a little voice inside of your head that keeps putting you down, that is doubting you. This voice is named lots of different things, the inner critic, the inner bitch, perhaps you’ve even given that voice in your head your own name. My voice is called ‘Bad Sarah’. When I am doubting myself or a negative thought comes up that wants to punish me, I know it is just ‘Bad Sarah’ trying to be the centre of my attention. I understand now that there is just a part of me that has been conditioned to find the flaw, to look for the negatives.

On the weekend I was clearing out some old clothes and came across 2 pairs of jeans I hadn’t worn for maybe 18 months. (Hello pandemic comfy clothes) They did not fit. At all. One pair even struggled getting past my thighs! You want to know my reaction? I laughed.

Past me would have probably ended up in tears and held onto those jeans until I lost weight. Judging myself, punishing myself, hating myself into becoming slimmer. Sounds lovely right?!

But now I know better. I know that just because I have put on weight, that it doesn’t determine my worth, it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything about me. Now I can hush ‘Bad Sarah’ as she tries to make me feel bad! I accept myself just as I am. Do I want to be healthier? Sure of course. Do I need to exercise more? Absolutely, if you’ve been following me on social media you may know a knee injury has had me inactive for almost 4 months now!

But I meet myself where I am right now. I accept myself just as I am.

I wonder where you can be a little more accepting or loving towards yourself? Is there a reoccurring negative thought you have about yourself? I encourage you to meet yourself with acceptance, with kinder words and softness. You get to choose the thoughts in your head, choose the kind ones.

If you’re looking for more support for self acceptance and self love, I’d love you to join the Origin membership. It is such a beautiful community of likeminded women that will be on this journey with you. Our first class was so beautiful, it blew me away! If you join in January you will still have access to all the self acceptance and self love recordings on demand. I will also be creating an exclusive self love meditation using members words so they can affirm self love to themselves. Read more about origin Breathwork membership here.

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